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Monday, 19 February 2018

My fantasy - A househusband with a job (Part) II

It’s the year 2184, Date 3rd October.

My first attempt to manipulate my wife had proved to be a disaster. She had become so aroused by my sexy overtures that she had banged me twice that night and it was a strap on second time. My body had been battered, my breasts had become so tender due to her bites and nails that I was not able to wear a bra next morning. My bums had been pinched so mercilessly that I was not able to sit comfortably. It was only the second time since our marriage that she had used a strap on and my ass was virtually on fire next day. I vowed that I shall never wear revealing clothes for her unless ofcourse she demanded it.

G had a 48 hours call day at her hospital today and she left early. I placed my forehead at her feet as she was leaving to ask for her blessings. She gave me a hand to getup, kissed me on the cheek, said sorry for last night rough handling and was gone in a flash. I kept waving my hand till her car was lost from the view. I folded my hands and said a silent prayer for her wellbeing and closed the door.

Since G was not coming back tonight, I decided to skip the sweeping of floor. I tookoff my saree and entered the bathroom. There I slowly removed all my clothes and started rubbing olive oil on my body. I remembered the home science teacher repeatedly stressing the use of olive oil for giving relief from pain on bruises and cuts and its healing power on the skin to avoid permanent marks. It was only after my marriage that I had really understood as to what he really meant by this.

Shekhar ji again called at noon to enquire if I had decided about the job. I told him that I had not been able to ask my wife and without her permission, it was unthinkable for me to even set foot outside my home. I told him that if my wife allowed me, I shall call him myself.

I wore an old T shirt of G and a Salwar as there was no one to watch me and decided to catchup on my sleep. I had already stopped taking breakfast as I was very fearful of gaining weight. I took a cup of green tea and laid down on our bed.

It was the first time since our marriage that I was not sleeping alongside G and I had thought that I was going to enjoy it. After all, there was no one to disturb my sleep by pushing her cold hand inside my bra. However, I was not able to sleep at all. After lying down for an hour, I decided to call G on phone and complained to her that I was having pain in my breasts and bums and requested her to send some medicines. She naughtily replied that whenever there is pain in her legs, I am there to press the 
same and she will just return the favour. I blushed with shame and hung up.

Those two days, when G was not at home, I was virtually in despair. Nothing seemed right and I was irritable all the time. Both my elder brothers called me on phone and when I told them about my feelings, they teased me that I had become so much addicted to being banged by my wife that I was missing it. I just hoped that G was missing me too.

When G returned from hospital on 5th morning, she was dead tired. I was waiting for her in a yellow saree and came out as soon as her car entered the society gate. As I placed my forehead at her feet in full view of everyone in our society, she tiredly patted me on the head and went inside. I went to the kitchen to get coffee and snacks for her. As I returned, she had collapsed on the sofa and placed her feet on the stool. I gave her coffee and sat down on the floor near her.

I realised that she was having pain in her legs and slowly tookoff her shoes and socks. I cradled her right foot in my hands started massaging it. “Are you sure that you want to do it. My feet are stinking with sweat.” G asked me. I pretended not to have listened and continued my massage. I was using my knuckles to work on a particularly stubborn knot when G moaned and said “O my Goddess, why are you so good at this?” I said nothing but thanked my mother from my heart.

In 2184, home science was a compulsory subject for every boy from class 6th upwards and “how to serve your wife and press her legs” was a separate chapter in class 10th. In our home science diploma, all the boys were taught the various positions in which a househusband was supposed to press the legs of his wife. In spite of all these lessons, my mother had insisted that all her sons should learn this art from a professional massager since it was an essential skill for a man to have.

Today all those lessons were in my mind but I did something that I had never learnt anywhere. I kissed her great toe as she was relaxing with pleasure. “Hey, what are you doing?” she jerked. I immediately removed my lips and started massaging her calf. “No no, please go on. I like it.” She said. I slowly took her little toe in my mouth and let my tongue go to work on it. She was squirming with pleasure now but I held her foot and continued. I let go her toe and put my tongue between the space of great and second toe. She suddenly yelped with delight and pulled me on the sofa besides her. Within a few minutes, all my clothes were lying on the floor and my wife was lying on top of myself. The session had started but she was quiet gentle this time and kept me on the edge by pinching on the arms and slaps on my face only. She knew that my breasts must have still been quiet tender and did not pinch and bite them. Even when she pressed them at the time of her climax, it was clear to me that she was not using her full force. It was a wonderful feeling to know that my wife cares for me so much.

Afterwards, as we were still nude and relaxing, with my head resting on her chest, she suddenly said, “Monu darling, do you know that you could earn millions if you become a professional massager. You were outstanding today.” I knew that this was in a lighter vein but I got my opening. I said, “I can’t massage anyone with so much of love and devotion, my mistress. However, I can earn a few thousands by teaching sewing and knitting to young boys, if you permit me.” G became a little thoughtful as she lit a cigarette. “We don’t need money my love. I earn enough.” Said she. “I don’t want my husband to serve anyone other than myself. Its shameful for a female to allow her husband to work for someone else.”

I don’t know that what was it which burst inside me and I broke into tears. As G tried to console me, I kept sobbing and told her everything about the day when I could not pay 50 rupees to the boy who was selling green bangles on Teej festival. She listened to me sympathetically and it was clear that she was reaching a decision while she patted me on my bare back. “I am sorry darling” she said. “All said and done, I can’t alter my female ego and allow you to have a job but I have decided something for you. Shekhar jijaji had offered you ten thousand rupees for that job and today onwards, you shall get an allowance of same amount from me. No one is going to ask any question from you about what you do with this money.” I squealed with delight and melted in her arms. “However, this new job comes to you with certain restrictions and discipline. You shall have to massage me daily on my return from hospital” she smiled at me. “With pleasure my mistress” I replied. “And the job uniform shall be my favourite dress, that is the short red skirt and white sleeveless blouse” she completed her sentence.

My mouth gaped open as all colour drained from my face.

Monday, 15 January 2018


G has read my last post and she insists that I put this line as a disclaimer on this blog.

"At least two of the incidences, discussed in the last post have actually happened in our life."

I leave it to the viewers of this blog, to decide that which are those two incidences.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

My fantasy: A househusband with a job (Part 1)

It’s the year 2184, Date 2nd October.
I am a normal househusband and like every other male, my full time job is to please my wife, look after to all her needs, wear a saree and be ready for her in bed at night to her utmost satisfaction. I have been married for almost eight months now and I have not given her any chance to complain till now.
However, since last one week, I am a little disturbed. It all started with the visit of one of my neighbour, Shekhar Gupta. He is husband of Ms. Ramya Gupta and lives just a block away from us. Ms. Ramya is a businesswoman and Shekhar runs a small coaching institute where he teaches young boys sewing, knitting, cooking etc. so that they may also be able to please their respective wives when the time comes.
I was knitting a pullover for G , when Shekhar arrived. He was very much impressed with my knitting and immediately offered me a job in his institute. He offered me a salary of ten thousand rupees. “Thank you Shekhar ji” I said, “My wife is a doctor and has a well paid job. I don’t need money.”  Shekhar still asked me to rethink. “Its not about money. Even if you want to buy a bangle or bindi for yourself, you have to ask for money from your wife. If you are earning a small amount, such small expenses can be taken care of.”
Unknown to him, he had touched a raw nerve. Just a few days ago, a similar incident had taken place. It was the festival of Teej and I wanted to buy green bangles. A villager boy was selling green bangles door to door but I had no money at that time and G had gone to the hospital. “Think about it” said Shekhar as he adjusted the palloo of his saree while going out, “Our timings are 11.30 AM to 3 PM. You can come after your wife leaves for her work and be back well in time to be dolledup and waiting for her by the time she arrives.
I was very much tempted but at the same time, not having enough courage to ask G for her permission. Hence, I called up my father and asked for his advise. “As far as your mother is concerned” said my father, “She thinks and rightly so that the place of a married male is inside his home. However, our opinion is immaterial. You belong to your wife now and its upto her to permit you to have a job. I think that before asking your wife, you should ask your father in law about this issue and whether it shall be appropriate to ask her.”
The reaction of my Father in law was predictable. “Not a single male in last three generations of our family has done this. Your only concern should be to serve my daughter. However, she is your owner and you are her slave so its her decision. I shall have no objection if she allows you to have a job” he said.
Finally, I asked Yash bhaiya. I knew that Bhabhi had allowed him to work as a sales man in a nearby shop. “How did you manage it? Wasn’t she angry?” I asked. “A husband can get anything done from his wife. Its only a question of timing. The trick is to make her happy first. Prepare her favourite food. Wear her favourite dress. Make sure to show her your cleavages so that she may get aroused and just when she is fully excited, ask for it.” He giggled. “At this time, a woman is most receptive to her husband’s prayers.”

I started my preparations. First part was to clean our flat. By the time I had finished after two hours, the floors were sparkling and everything was neatly arranged.
Wearing her favourite dress was tricky. I had asked her this question before our marriage when I and Vikas bhaiya had gone for shopping for my clothes. Vikas bhaia had said that these days, girls do not prefer their husbands to wear a saree on honeymoon and they like their husbands to be in modern western dresses like miniskirts. He proposed that I should ask my future wife as to what she would like me to wear when we go to honeymoon. I had called her on mobile and she had simply said, “Only a smile”. “But a smile is not a dress.” I said innocently. “Exactly” she had said. I got confused and ended the conversation. Vikas Bhaiya had broken in to a laughter and it was only later that I realised that she was asking me to remain nude. I had blushed like anything and Vikas bhaiya still teases me about this whenever we meet. Whenever, I ask G as to how I am looking while trying a new Saree or dress, her ready answer is “You look best without clothes.”
I settled for her second favourite dress. It was a red colour miniskirt with a black panty and a white blouse without a bra. The blouse was backless and sleeveless. I did a light makeup and wore no jewellery except my Mangalsootra. I had also prepared her favourite dinner in the form of Kalezi Paneer and started waiting for her. It was the first time since my wedding that I had worn such a bold dress without her insistence. My heart was beating so loudly that I had to place my hand on my left breast to calm it down.
As she entered, I bent down and place my forehead at her feet. My bare back and hips were invitingly exposed to my wife and she immediately lifted me on her right shoulder and carried me to the bed. However, I could not speak the dialogues which I had rehearsed countless times as she caught hold of my hair and pulled my face towards her crotch while just opening the fly of her pants. She was so excited and pressing my face between her legs with such force that it was difficult for me to breath. I kept licking and she shuddered to a glorious climax very soon. I ran to the washroom to gargle and wash my face.
As the makeup of my face had been washed out, I applied only a fresh coat of red lipstick and came back. She had taken off her coat and tie and was watching me with eyes full of lust. I started towards the kitchen to bring dinner but she caught my arm and pulled me towards the bed. Removing my blouse was a matter of seconds, skirt and panty also did not last long and within a minute, I was lying totally nude in her bed.
I tried to start some conversation regarding my job but she was not listening. My bold dress had turned her into an animal. She was tender and considerate in a minute and brutal and sadist in another minute. She was kissing me on the lips at the same time when her fingernails were deeply embedded into my hips and back. I was moaning and she was getting more excited by it. She positioned herself over me and engulfed my penis inside her with a low moan of satisfaction. As she started moving her body over me, I forgot all about my job and the only thing that remained in my mind was to give maximum pleasure to her and getback the same in the process. Within a few minutes, the only sound in the room was of my cries of pain and pleasure and her sighs of satisfaction.


P.S. : Credit for all the pictures goes to the author of the blog "As the worm turns."

Friday, 29 December 2017

Sorry. I have been away.

First of all, I must apologise to my readers for staying away from my blog and Fb for such a long time but I have been busy in last few months and things have not been smooth.

It was the last week of June when G’s father came to Delhi for some work. He was supposed to go back the same day and G called me from the office to keep his packed dinner ready since he planned to stay only for an hour.

G picked him up on her way from office and they both arrived home together. They were having some hot argument and it later dawned on me that the argument was about G’s decision of not having kids. He was shouting at the top of his voice when I entered with tray of tea and snacks. I placed the tray on the table and bent down to touch his feet. In his anger, he tried to push me away by his foot. As I was totally unprepared for this, I lost my balance and fell down.

G lost her temper. She, however, first helped me in getting up and as I was adjusting my saree, she asked me to go to the kitchen and bring the packed dinner. As I left the room, I heard her shouting at her father “How dare you kick my husband”. When I came back with the tiffin, Papa ji had already left and G was sitting alone in the room.

I sat down on the floor besides her and removed her shoes. I took her feet in my lap and started pressing them tenderly. As she calmed down, I said “You should not have spoken to him like this. He is your father. He had not actually kicked me. It was my fault and I had lost my balance”.
G responded by the only way she does when she is emotionally unstable. She started taking off my saree. I told her that she should first go to the Anand Vihar Bus stand to give the packed dinner to her father but she was not listening. Within five minutes, I was totally nude in front of her.
 G often says that the best way to make me snuggle my body around her, is to take off my clothes and that is true, The way she glares at my naked body, I get into her arms to avoid her eyes. I was still trying to get her to embrace me and she was trying to push me away so that she may stare at my nakedness when her mobile rang.

It was the society guard. The auto, that her father had hired to take him to Bus stand, had brought him back since he had collapsed in his seat. G grabbed some notes, car keys and her credit card and rushed out as I was getting dressed. As I was wrapping my saree, I realised that G may bring her father inside and other people may also accompany them and quickly changed again into a T shirt and jeans, using binders over my breasts.

I had just stepped out of our home when my mobile rang. It was G. She was taking her dad, directly to Max hospital in Patpargunj. I came back inside and started praying for his health.

G came back at around one o clock that night. Her father had a serious heart attack. Doctors had placed two stents in his heart but he had to stay in the hospital for few days.

Papa ji came home after staying in hospital for 6 days. Doctors had asked him to take rest for few weeks and G had insisted that he must stay at Delhi only.

G had to go to US in first week of july but that was postponed due to Papaji. She went to US on 5th August and returned on 15th. Papaji was supposed to go back on 20th August but when he again went to Max for check-up, The doctor said that there was still some problem and changed the medicines. He stayed with us till December and went back on 23rd December to Indri. G went with him and came back on 24th December.

During his stay at Delhi, My whole time job was taking care of him. The schedule of his medicines and daily requirements took the first priority and G was so guilty conscious that she never once made a sexual advance towards me during this period. My bonus was that I got to sleep with all my clothes on during the winter season.

G called me up as she was returning from Indri. I was chatting with my FB friend Sameer and we were discussing as to what I should wear when she returns. We had settled on a short red skirt and a white blouse when her call came.So I asked her, “What would you like me to wear when you return”. She answered after a pause, “The dress that you bought last week”. I was taken aback. I had bought nothing in the last few months, not even on Diwali and Karwachauth and I told her that. “Exactly” she replied and I realised that she was asking me to wait for her in nude.

My naughty wife was back to herself. I had a very busy 3 hours ahead. I shaved the whole body, prepared lunch, took a scented bath and waited for my darling wife to arrive and ravage my body for her pleasure.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Luckiest one.

Its year 2184. Date 2nd April.

More than 3 months had passed since my marriage and it still seems like yesterday.

My parents were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary and had requested the wives of all 3 of their married sons to come to their village to be a part of celebration. It was the first time since my marriage that I was meeting my brothers and I was very excited about it.

As usual, G was late in returning from the hospital and it was quite late night when we reached my parents’ home. As our car entered our drive way, my father came out with a large plate full of lighted lamps. He did aarti of G and we entered our home. Both my Bhabhis having already retired to their bedrooms. I sat on the floor beside G, pressing her legs while Nemo served the dinner. I, Nemo and father ate later with myself eating in the plate of G, finishing her leftovers as well.

G was so tired that she had already slept when I entered the bedroom. I changed in to my nightwear ( A front open gown with only a string keeping both the ends in place so that she may have full access of my body if she happens to awake at night) and slipped alongside her silently.

My sleep was broken when G’s hand crept inside my gown at 4’o’clock in morning. She wanted to make love. I didn’t like being woken up so early but I knew that she is my owner and I don’t have the right to say a “no”. As she removed my gown, my dick sprung to attention. She threw away her T shirt and shorts and started riding me in frenzy. I kept my moans to be minimum since everyone else appeared to be sleeping and soon, G had her climax, myself following immediately afterwards. G rolled over and almost immediately went back to sleep.

I awoke the next morning when Nemo banged on the door. I had again got in to my gown after sex last night but G was sleeping naked, I tried to wake up G but she didn’t want to rise from bed. I picked up her T shirt and shorts from the floor and gave them to the half-awake G to wear. As I opened the door, Nemo entered with a tray containing tea. I took the tray from her hand and virtually pushed him out as he was giggling constantly.

G picked up a cup of tea from the tray as her left hand again crept up in to my gown. I tried to avoid it but G was adamant. Both my breasts got squeezed and pinched in succession while she finished her tea.

G and both the Bhabhis had planned to visit the fields belonging to my mother and all of them left for the fields shortly thereafter. I wore a saree after taking bath and came to the backyard where both my elder brothers, Yashdeep and Vikas were sitting with father and Nemo. All of us were in saree while Nemo was wearing a Salwar kameez.

I have always had an inferiority complex in presence of my brothers. They are more fair, beautiful and smart than me and I am not very talkative too. Yash bhaia was telling mother about the latest developments in his sasural when the discussion turned towards who among all the three married brothers is more lucky. Father also wanted to be a part of the discussion but he had a lot of chores to do like preparing the lunch and washing clothes. Bhaia gave an idea that all of us shall bring the clothes of ourselves and our wives and simultaneously wash the clothes and have discussion too. Father also liked the idea and all of us went to our rooms to get the clothes. Yash and Vikas bhaia also brought the clothes of their infant daughters.

Yash bhaia said that he was the most lucky since he had been married for more than 5 years and Bhabhi had never beaten him. “I was very afraid since Mom used to beat Dad daily but luckily she loves me a lot and even when I do some mistake, it’s only a slap or two” Said Yash bhaia.
“Your Mom also loves me a lot” said father, immediately coming to the defense of Mom. “But she had to create an example in front of all of you so that you boys may learn to respect your wives when you get married”.

Vikas bhaia said that he is the luckiest one. “We are a joint family. Whenever she returned from office and I used to bring tea for her, my father in law insisted that I should sit on the floor at her feet and press her legs. It was very humiliating for me to press her legs in presence of the whole family so she started taking the evening tea in our bed room. I still press her legs but the humiliation is not there. She really loves me a lot”.
“As I was telling Monu last time” father said almost angrily, “It’s an honor for a man to press the legs of his wife and you should never feel humiliated by this. I shall see to it that during today’s lunch, you shall press her legs and do it in presence of your Bhabhi and Garima ji”. Nemo started giggling again and Vikas bhaia threw a towel at him.

“Why are you silent Monu?” Yash bhaia asked. “You also tell us something about your luck”. I was washing G’s T shirt and didn’t even look up. “Must be tired bhaia” teased Vikas bhaia. “He was busy even at 4 AM. His bangles were making a lot of noise early morning”. My face turned red with shame. 

Father was examining my heap of clothes and suddenly he started rebuking me, “You boys never listen to me. I had told you that you should always wash the night wear of your wife daily even if it is not dirty. Where is her Kurta and Lungi?” “She does not wear Kurta and Lungi Dad. She wears T shirt and shorts at night and I wash them daily” I replied.

Suddenly there was an awkward silence. Father broke it by asking Nemo to go and bring tea for all of us. It was clear that he didn’t want to discuss something in presence of his unmarried son. As Nemo departed, Vikas bhaia asked “How can she make love to you if she is wearing shorts. My wife wears a lungi so that she may take me inside her anytime”. “She takes it off” Said I, my face crimson red with shame. “But a wife always remains fully clothed while making love to her husband, who is fully nude. This is the universal custom. How else is she going to remind her husband that she is his owner and he is a slave to her.” Said Yash bhaia this time. “I have no illusions bhaia”, said I. “I know that my place is at her feet and she is my owner but never during the last three months, she has ever reminded me that. She treats me like a husband, not a slave.”

There was a few minutes of uncomfortable silence after which Dad stood up, kissed my forehead and declared, “He is the luckiest one”.

Suddenly doorbell rang. G and Bhabhis had returned. The luckiest one and the not so lucky ones, all ran to place their foreheads at the feet of their respective wives.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

My fantasy in future part II

The date is 10 February, 2184. My name is Monu Chaudhary H/O Dr. Garima Chaudhary.

I have been married for 15 days and last fortnight has been a mixture of torture, pleasure and bliss for me.

The biggest torture has been to get up at 5.00 AM, take your bath, wear a Saree and assist my father in law in his daily morning ritual of Goddess worship. However, yesterday, I have shifted to my wife’s flat in Delhi, where she has joined a big hospital.
The biggest pleasure is when my wife undresses me at night and rides me like there is no tomorrow. I could never imagine before my marriage that a pinch on my buttocks or a bite on my breasts can send such a pleasure wave to my spine. Last night, she has done it with an extra zeal since it was the first night when we were alone in our home and there was no fear of someone listening to my cries of pain and pleasure.

Even today, I got up at 7 AM and prepared bedtea for her. As I went to wake her with the tray of tea, her alarm had already sounded. I was wearing a see through nighty with only a black bra underneath. I placed the tray on the sidestool and touch her feet to ask for her blessings. She simply pulled me over and started takingoff my nighty. I pleaded with her that the tea will get cold but she was adamant on making me nude and virtually raped me. It was a quick climax for her and as I was still trying to recover my breathing, she unmounted me and went to the bathroom, leaving me naked on the bed. I made a mental note that tomorrow onwards, I shall bring her the bedtea in a saree only.

As she was taking bath, I quickly wore a saree, placed her shirt and jeans on the bed, polished her shoes and prepared breakfast for her. I also packed her lunch in the tiffin box and as she was leaving, I sat on the floor and placed my forehead on her feet to ask for her blessings. She smiled, helped me to getup from the floor, kissed me and was off to the hospital.

I still had a lot of pending work like dusting, sweeping the floor and wash the clothes and utensils but first, I made myself a cup of tea and sat lost in thoughts about my parents, brothers and useful lessons from my father on my first visit to my parents home after my marriage.

As per the tradition,  my wife was supposed to take me to my parents place next day of our marriage. However, she didn’t want to extend any more leave as she was taking me on a honeymoon after a week and all her leave was already finished. Hence, she decided to drop me to my parents place in the morning and promised me that she’ll pick me in the evening.

As I wore a new Saree with matching blouse and accessories, She had already got in to the car and was blowing the horn. I hurriedly took blessings from my inlaws and got into the passenger seat as she put the car into gear and drove ahead.

 As soon as the car was on the highway, she was back to her naughty self. She caught me by the hair and pulled my face towards her lap. I understood and opened the fly of her pants. She drove at a very high speed and I tried to match the speed of my tongue for her pleasure. She soon shuddered to a climax and let me remove my face from her pussy. I wanted to wash my face as it was wet from her juice but she said that it will get dry by the time we reach our destination and continued driving.
As her car entered the drive way of my parent’s house, my father was standing at the door with a plate full of lighted lamps {Aarti ka thal} for her aarti but she didn’t get down the car. She said that she was already late for her work and these traditions can wait till evening. She quickly reversed the car and sped away.

I could sense that my father was unhappy with me but I was in a hurry to wash my face. I excused myself and ran to my room to freshen up. I quickly got out of the saree and removed all my jwellary including Mangalsootra and bichuas ( A silver ring, worn on the toes by married males). I pulled over an old Kameez with salwar and came out of my room.

“You bloody fool”, my father roared at the top of his voice, “You have no manners. How did you dare to takeoff your Mangalsootra and bichuas.”. I meekly replied that I was not used to wearing jewelry. “You idiot, These are not jewelries. These are the symbols of your married status and to take them off is a very bad omen. Also you should wear a Saree all the time like all married males.” He roared again. I tried to stop my tears as I went back to my room to change in a saree.

When I came out in a saree, my mother was scolding my father for speaking so loudly. My father’s eyes were directed to the floor and he was asking for forgiveness. My mother came to me and placed her hand affectionately over my head. She was also getting late for her work. My father touched her feet and placed his forehead on her feet, for blessings. She curtly blessed him and left hurriedly.
Now, my father asked me to sit besides him and asked, “Why didn’t you touch the feet of your wife when she was leaving today morning”. I now understood as to why he was unhappy with me. I told him that I had taken the blessings from her in the morning but my father was not buying this argument. “Whenever, your wife is getting away from you, its your duty to touch her feet, place your forehead on her feet and say a silent prayer for her long life. Its an honour for a male to keep his forehead at the feet of his wife, Just remember that you got such a high status family only because your elder brothers were always respectful to their respective wives and if you don’t show proper manners, your younger brother may not be so lucky.”

“Ok father. I shall be careful in future” I said. “But she wants me to wear modern dresses and says that saree is for special occasions only”. My father smiled and said “My child, always remember, She is not only your wife but your owner too. Even if she wants you to remain only in your bra and panty or even if she wants you to remain nude, you have to obey. But that is only inside your house. In presence of the society, you have to maintain certain norms of a married male. Always wear a saree in presence of your in laws or guests.” I nodded in agreement as my younger brother entered the room.

“Hi bro” he shrieked. “ Looking very tired. Didn’t get much sleep last night? Hiding the naval too.” The last sentence was aimed at my saree being tied above the naval. I blushed and got irritated at the same time. “Look dad. He is making fun of me again.” Father immediately rebuked Nimesh. “Don’t be a fool Nemo. He is married now and wear his clothes as per the wishes of his wife. Go to the kitchen and start preparing for tonight’s dinner. If your bhabhi likes the food made by you, she may suggest some good girl for you too.” Now it was the time for Nemo to blush as he ran to the kitchen.
I took a sigh of relief. Actually, My wife ( I shall call her G now) had given me a lovebite on my naval last night and the mark was still fresh. That’s why, I had tied my Saree above the naval.
G returned from her hospital in the evening. Both my parents, Nemo and family friends had gathered at our house to welcome her. She was dressed in a Three piece suit and a tie and was looking very smart and handsom. Father did her aarti with lighted lamps and I ( as instructed by my father very strictly in the morning) touched her feet and placed my forehead at her feet in full view of everyone. I was very very embarrassed. I was wearing a pink saree with a matching blouse and I was afraid that my new saree might get dirty but could not risk my father’s wrath. G smilingly asked me to getup and blessed me. Mother took her hand and guided her to our Drawing room. My father and myself served tea to her and all the guests. Slowly, the guests departed and G and my mother were alone in the drawing room.
G called me and asked me to give her another cup of tea. Mother excused herself that she had had enough and went to the bathroom. As I came with the tea, G asked me to sit beside her. I remembered father’s instructions and sat on the floor at her feet “This is my place” I told her. G had a naughty smile at her face as her hand slipped inside my blouse. “Leave me please” I begged her “Someone might come. Nemo is bringing snacks.” G was not in a mood to let it go and pinched on my nipple. “Pleeeease. Do as you wish in the bedroom. I am not going to run away.” I again begged her. This time she relented and removed her hand. It was very timely as Nemo entered the room with a plate of snacks, giggling at my status. “Bhabhi must be tired bro. Why are you not pressing her legs” he said. “Monu  is waiting for you. He says that Nemo presses the legs better than him. Wont you prove it” smiled G. “Law allows me many husbands Nemo. Who knows, if you press my legs that well, I may get tempted.” Nemo’s face got red with embarrassment as he put the plate on the table and ran away,  G’s laughter following him closely.
Mother returned from the bathroom and G said that it was getting late. She had to reach the hospital early tomorrow and asked to leave. However, both my parents pleaded with her to stay for dinner and go tomorrow morning. She relented after Nemo requested her to at least taste the “Gulabjamuns” that he was preparing.
Dinner, as expected, was fabulous. G and Mother ate first with myself and father sitting on the floor besides our respective wives, pressing their legs and Nemo, preparing hot chapaties for both of them. After they had finished, myself and father sat at their places and ate in the plates of our wives and finished the leftovers.
It was time to retire to the bedroom. Nemo was giggling all the time as I washed my face. Applied some powder, applied lipstick and prepared hot milk for G. I scolded him when he pinched my bottom but he said “just keep your anger reserved for bhabhi when she does the same”. I tried to hit him but he ran away.
As I entered the bedroom with a glass of milk, G had already changed into a T shirt and shorts for night. I locked the door from inside and gave the milk to G. As she was drinking it, I sat on the floor and started a gentle massage of her feet. She caught me by my hair and brought my face towards her crouch. I understood as to what she wanted. I removed her shorts and placed my lips at her pussy. It was very warm and moist, a clear indication that she was already excited by my complete submission today. I went to work on thr lips of her pussy, teasing her with increasing and decreasing the speed of my licking. G was moaning with pleasure. She was pressing my face on her pussy with such power that it was difficult for me to breathe but I kept on licking and she ultimately came with a force, making my face fully covered with her juice.
I went to the bathroom and quickly washed my face and gargled with mouthwash. As soon as I came out, G started pulling my saree. All my efforts ( formality only) were in vain as she disrobed me. I was wearing a backless blouse with only two strings holding it to the proper place. G pulled the strings and removed it. Next to go was my petticoat and I was standing before her just in a bra and panty. G pulled me towards her and made me sit on her lap. She started kissing me and caught hold of the strap of my bra. She pulled it strongly and suddenly let it go. The elastic strap hit my back with such force that I would have shrieked had the fear of Nemo making fun of me tomorrow morning not loomed large.

Being a doctor, G was probably well aware of all the points of a male body which can make a male mad with pleasure. She was virtually playing a musical instrument with the precision of a master, alternatively pinching, biting and kissing the various parts of my body. My dick was so hard that it was ready to burst out of my panties when G obliged it by removing my panties. I was completely nude now with G still wearing her T shirt. She placed me on the bed, took my dick inside her well moist pussy and started riding me, slowly increasing her speed. My excitement reached a crescendo as both of us climaxed at the same time.

My fantasy in future.

My fantasy story is set in future in the year 2184.

After the World war III in 2036 and subsequent nuclear holocaust, in which almost half of the world population was wiped out, it was felt that all this could have been avoided had the decision making power been with the female gender. It was unanimously decided that to prevent such catastrophes, all major decisions shall be taken by females.

This led to females being promoted to all the highest positions while their male counterparts were relegated to lower posts and salaries. As the next generation arrived, females were more assertive, strong headed and demanding. Slowly, the changes appeared in social life also. Males started being submissive. There were very few job openings for males and majority of them started opting for lower jobs like office maids and secretaries. Even these jobs were not enough and since domestic helps were very costly, many of the couples decided that the males shall stay at home as househusbands and let the females earn the daily bread and butter.

The biological supremacy of the females of producing a new life was to remain with them but the job of taking care of the newborn was naturally shifted to the husbands. They started taking medicines to grow their breasts so that they may nurse the newborns. Initially, it was only for the househusbands but very soon, this trend grew like anything and the male breasts became a sexual attraction for the more aggressive females. Females did not need breasts anymore and took medicines to remain flat chested.

Male fashions changed and instead of shirts and pants, they started preferring the more beautiful dresses and sarees. Breasts had to be supported by bras and this led to virtual revolution in male fashion. Males wanted to look sexually attractive to their wives least they should start having affairs with their office staff or secretaries. Even the unmarried boys started growing breasts to attract their future wives. The marriage proposals were more for the girls who earned more and for boys who were more beautiful. The norms of the society had reversed.

Within a span of 100 years from World War III, The norms of male female relationship had turned upside down and my patents, who were born in 2140 belonged to the generation for whom female supremacy was not an exception but a norm.

Now the story:

I am the third sibling of my parents. My mother wanted a daughter but after 4 sons, she decided that it was the wish of the Goddess and refused to marry another man for the sake of producing a daughter. My mother is a farmer and owns a lot of agricultural land. She wanted her sons to be good househusbands to their wives and all of us passed 12th class and did a diploma in home science.
My 2 elder brothers have been married and living with their wives in their respective homes. My parents have been looking for a suitable girl for me. I have no say in this matter. They have selected a girl for me. She is a doctor and has a good income. She is coming to see me today.

 Last night, I overheard my father talking to my mother. My mother had taken her dinner and as usual, father was sitting on the floor besides her. He was wearing a saree and had sindoor in his maang. He had a mangalsootra around his neck and glass bangles on his wrists. He was pressing the legs of my mom and talking to her in a very low voice, “ Don’t you think that her complexion is dark, Our son is very fair”. Mother, in her stern voice, immediately rebuked him ”Don’t be silly. A girl needs to have a good income to support a family. Complexion is for boys. Consider yourself to be very lucky if she likes our son. These days, a doctor girl, who is not asking for a dowry is very hard to find”. “we shall be giving a dowry to our son. Won’t we?” said my father in a low voice keeping his eyes towards the floor . Mother laughed “As they say, males have no wisdom. You idiot, this is a multi-millionaire family. If they want dowry according to their status, we stand no chance. However, they want a boy who should always obey and serve his wife and inlaws. Our two sons are keeping their wives happy and this marriage proposal has come only because of this fact”.

As my prospective wife and her parents entered our home, I could hear my heart pounding. I was wearing a green saree, specially bought for this occasion. My elder brother, whose wife was a cousin sister of this girl, had come last night and had informed that  her favourite colour was green. I had a matching blouse and my hair were in a bun. I had been thoroughly instructed by him for the occasion.” No matter what, keep your eyes towards the floor. Keep your head covered in presence of your inlaws but you must drop your palloo on some pretex when you are alone with her so that she may have a fair idea of the assets which she is going to own” she had giggled and I had thrown a pillow at her.

As I served tea to the guests, I managed a hidden glance towards her. She was staring at me and smiled. My cheeks got red with shame. Bhaiya took me inside so that elders may talk. Shortly, my father came inside with the good news. I had been approved but they wanted an early marriage as my future wife had a new job at a big hospital at Delhi and my father in law wanted someone to look after his daughter in a new city where she shall be living away from her parents.

I was married to Dr. Garima Chaudhary within 15days.

My suhaag raat was celebrated at the ancestral home of my wife. Her brothers did my makeup and made me sit on the bed with a ghoonghat on my face. As she entered the room, my heart started pounding so loudly that I was afraid that she may hear my heartbeats. As she raised my ghoonghat, I got pink with shame. She remarked,” you are wearing a pink saree darling. If you blush like this, how would I know that I have disrobed you when the color of your skin and saree shall match like this” I blushed even more fiercely.

 There was a knock on the door and as she opened the door, someone passed a glass of milk to her. I remembered bhaiya’s instructions and gotup from the bed. As she turned towards me, I sat on the floor and put my forehead on her shoes. She asked me to getup and gave me the glass of milk and went to the bathroom to change.

She was wearing a Kurta and lunge as she returned. I gave her milk but she refused. “Tonight, I have to drink from the original source” she pointed towards my breasts. I blushed again. “Please drink half of it for me. Its bad omen if you don’t take this milk tonight”, I said keeping my voice low and my eyes on the floor. She obliged and I took the rest of the milk from the same glass.

She pulled me towards her and slowly started removing my jewelry. She was constantly talking to me to relieve my tension. “ So, what are the instructions of your brothers for suhaag raat” she asked as she was removing my saree. I was dying of shame so I said “nothing”. I yelped with pain as she pinched me on my buttocks. She had already placed a hand on my mouth so my shriek didn’t come out.” Next one shall be on your cheek if you are not honest and then you shall have a hard time explaining to everyone as to what happened’ she said firmly. “ comeon. Tell me the instructions”. She started fumbling with the button of my blouse.

“They only asked me to place my head on your feet and take your blessings” I lied. My blouse had already been unbuttoned and I was trying unsuccessfully to cover my breasts with my arms. “lier again” she pulled the cord of my petticoat. “No pleeeeeese” I cried. “I am telling the truth”. “Didn’t they tell you to clinch your teeth when she pinches on your breasts like this” she asked again, pinching my nipples as she unclasped my bra. I knew that there was no escape so I told the truth. “yes, They did” “Good. What else” she asked. “They asked me to climax with your permission only” I moaned as she pulled down my petticoat and panties.

She had not removed a single stich of cloth from her own body as I was lying on her bed, stark naked, dying of shame. My penis was rockstrong as she mounted me without removing her clothes. She was not wearing anything beneth the lungee and she slid my member inside her body with a low moan.
“Have you ever gone through this before” she suddenly asked. “NO. Never. I am a virgin. I have kept this body sacred for you my Goddess” I whispered. She smiled” You must have seen someone doing like this” she remarked. By now, I knew that somehow, she could know if I was telling the truth. So I truthfully admitted” Once I saw Bhabhi doing a similar act with bhaiya”.

Actually After my Diploma in homescience was complete, bhaiya had asked my parents to send me to his place so that I may learn to manage the household. There I had seen that bhabhi was always scolding bhaiya and used to even slap him on little mistakes. I had asked that how he could tolerate all this and yet started doing makeup when she returns from office to look attractive for her. He had told me that when a wife makes love to you at night, you get so much pleasure that you become a slave to her. I had peeped in to their bedroom at night and a similar sean was being played on myself tonight. Next morning, I had confessed to Bhaiya that I had peeped into his room and there also, I had found that bhaiya was pleading with bhabhi to not to pinch him and give further pain but bhabhi was not listening. Bhaiya had just smiled and said that once your wife makes love to you, you shall know.

As My Wife started riding me with my member inside her, I remembered something and smiled. She immediately stopped and asked” What are you thinking”. I knew that there was no point in hiding something. Being a doctor, She could read my mind perhaps. “ Why all females are alike? When I saw bhaiya and bhabhi making love, there also, Bhabhi was wearing all the clothes and bhaiya was naked and here too, you have kept me in a similar position”. She smiled and said’ Its because we want to remind you that who is the owner and who is slave”. “But that’s not fair. I left my home and came here to serve your every need. Your word shall be my command. I shall cook for you, wash your clothes, eat in your used plate, wash utensils and press your legs at night. You have the power to takeoff all my clothes at your wish. That is only because I consider myself to be your slave. Why do you want to prove it now” As I said that, I bit my tongue, feeling afraid that I might have offended her but she was smiling, “ alright darling, I think that you are right” she said as she started taking off her kurta from her muscular but flat chest. “but remember, don’t expect any mercy from me while making love. I like it when a boy cries of pain when I push him to the limit”. As she increased her speed, my body was filled with pleasure that I had never experienced before. I was on the sky and she was with me and that was all that mattered now. We both climaxed at the same time.