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Monday, 16 January 2017

Her US visit

I had decided not to update my blog anymore since no one seems interested and no one leaves any comments. However many of my fb friends have prevailed upon me to update it again.

G recently had to go to US for 15 days as the head of operations of US subsidiary of her company had fallen sick and some problems had started there.  She had to stay there for 15 days and I was all alone in our flat for a fortnight.

For the first 2 days, I almost enjoyed the sudden independence. I could sleep late in the morning, wear whatever I like and even tried a little swig from the bottle of scotch that G keeps in her cupboard. ( It was very bitter and I had to take a spoon of sugar afterwards)

Next 2 days I scrubbed the entire flat and the floors were shining like diamond. I prepared pickles of carrots which G likes a lot, tried cooking some new variants of Italian pasta.( disaster).

I was absolutely dismayed and disgusted by the end of the week. G has become my soul and to live without her was extremely depressing. I could sleep fully clothed in her absence and even though I have difficulty in falling asleep in nude some times, I just could not sleep properly with my clothes on.

On 31st December, G called me in after noon and told me that she shall wish me new year at midnight on video call. From her manner, I could easily guess that she was missing me as well. I had an idea and started practicing dancesteps on a very old and slow song.

My preparations started at 8.30pm. I wore a bright red saree. I didn’t wear a blouse and chose a black bra. As I was finishing my makeup, G called at 10.30. In a flash, I realised that it must be nearing midnight in US. I started the song “ Tumhen yaad karte karte, Jayegi rain saari, tum le gaye ho apne, sang neend bhi hamari” on music system and accepted the skype video call.

G immediately complimanted me on my dress and asked me to stand a little away from webcam so that she may see my full image. As I moved,  I started a very slow and sensual dance for her. In case, any one has heard this song from the movie “Aamrapali”, it is a very slow song and is not a dance number but the wordings were most appropriate.

As the song progressed, I dropped my palloo and slowly removed my saree. Petticoat also went down and I was only in a bra and panty, doing a strip tease on video call. As G started the countdown of New year, I removed my bra and at the stroke of midnight, removed my panty before her. G kissed her side of the screen and wished me Happy new year. She was clearly aroused and I was wondering as to what shall happen when she is back.

G was back on 5th jan  and I was waiting for her at the door. In almost 8 years of our marriage, I am wise enough not to wear costly garments when she returns after a gap in our sex life as she tears apart my clothes in excitement but nothing of the sort happened this time. As I bent down to touch her feet, she picked me up, kissed me and asked me to bring some snacks for her. As I came back, she was preparing a glass of her favourite scotch. I was arranging the snacks plates on the table when she asked me to get in to the same dress and perform the same striptease for her.

G was settled in her favourite armchair when I entered the room. She had already fixed the music system and started the same song with the touch of a remote.

It shall be pointless to say that I was not able to complete the dance. My bra and panty were torn apart, I was pushed on the bed and it was one of the hardest fuck in my whole married life.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

आज करवाचौथ का निर्जल व्रत है। सुबह से न तो कुछ खाया है और न ही पानी की एक बूँद गले में डाली है।
आज का दिन ही कुछ खास है क्योंकि साधारणतया सुबह दस बजे तक भूख लगने लगती है लेकिन आज नहीं।
G ने office से फोन कर के कहा कि कुछ खा पी लो, ऐसा व्रत मत करो। 
मेरे मना करने पर कहने लगीं कि तुम्हें भूखे प्यासे रहने में क्या मज़ा आ रहा है?
मैंने मन ही मन कहा कि ये समझ ही नहीं सकतीं कि आज के दिन भूखा प्यासा रहने में जो आनंद है वो छप्पन भोगों में भी नहीं।

Sunday, 20 September 2015

My Punishment.

G was recently down with Viral fever. She was all the time irritable and not eating food properly. However, there was no cold and cough which got me suspicious. I had recently read in newspaper that a fever, without cold and cough may also be Malaria, Typhoid or The dreaded Dengue fever.
On my insistence, she reluctantly spoke to one of her doctor friend on telephone who advised her to take Crocin tab only and let the body immunity fight the virus.

On the fourth day of her fever, I got really worried. She was consistently having fever more than 102 F. She was regularly going to the office but not eating anything. In the night, she used to perspire so much that I had to change the bed sheet every day.

That night, my fb friend, Sameer, advised me to contact my father in law as G was not ready to go to the doctor. I called up my father in law that morning after G had left for office. He asked me to get the milk of goat for G and told me that he shall reach Delhi by 2.00 PM.

Getting the Goat’s milk was easier said than done. Even though I knew that the family living in tents just outside our society keeps goats but to go out is a project for me. Changing in to male attire is not very time consuming but removing the bangles, ear tops, nosepin and anklets takes time. Fortunately, the Mehandi that I had applied on my palms on Teej festival had lost colour by now but removing the nail polish took a lot of time. Only a full cd or a married Indian woman can understand the problem in removing Bichuas ( a silver ring worn on toes ). I decided not to remove them to save time and wore shoes and socks over them instead. The shoes were tight fitting as I had not worn them since more than 2 months and played havoc with my toes later but I was able to get the goats milk without lifting the eyebrows of any neighbour. Going and coming back took only 25 minutes but changing in to male attire and later getting back in to my usual saree with makeup took almost 4 hours.

My father in law reached G’s office directly and scolded her in the presence of all her colleagues for not taking proper precautions during the Dengue epidemic in Delhi. He took G to a doctor who prescribed some blood tests. The tests were negative for Dengue and the doctor prescribed some medicines and told her father not to worry. Both of them came home at 5.00 PM. The father in law gave me a customary scolding for not taking good care of his daughter and was off to his village as he had some urgent work at hand.

Now G was in real bad mood. She was mad at me for informing her father especially as the tests had proved that my fears were baseless. All my efforts to tell her that I had did this because of my love and care for her, fell on deaf ears and she announced that she will decide on a suitable punishment tomorrow. Its needless to say that her fever had gone by now. 

I could not sleep that night properly.  “What shall be the punishment” was the question in my mind. My fb friend, Sameer had prophesied that it shall be a strapon but I was afraid for something more. During the 6 years of our marriage, G has never spanked or slapped me but my sleep was full of nightmares.

I cracked the problem early in the morning. I knew that G gets irritable if she does not get sex for few days and this time also, a gap of 5 consecutive days was there due to her fever. I brought the bed tea for her clad in my sexiest bra and panty and told her in a sexy voice to wait as I had forgotten to bring sugar. As I walked out of the room, I ensured the right movements of my hips as if in a catwalk. It shall be pointless to tell my readers that the tea got cold as a fierce lovemaking session ensued. It was repeted after 2 hours as all her anger melted and she actually thanked me later for taking so much trouble for getting goat’s milk and fruits for her.

Monday, 25 May 2015

My ambivalent Feelings

Today I am proud of G.
My stepmother, Mrs.Gupta, called me on phone yesterday. The last time we had talked was about 6 years ago when I had informed her that I was getting married and she has severed all contact with me and had refused to attend my wedding.
It so happens that my step brother wants to start a new business and sell our ancestral home for funds. The potential buyers, after checking all documents had decided that I hold an equal share in that property and my signatures were necessary for sale. With the advent of time, that property is now worth 120 million Rs. (about 2 million US dollars).
I told her that I cannot sign any papers without the permission of G and I shall talk to her after she returns from office. All the bitter memories of my pre marriage days flashed before my eyes and I severed the connection quickly.

So, last night, during our post coital session, snuggling in the arms of G, I told her about the phone call. “They have been so cruel to me, now is the time for payback. I have an equal share in this property and we shall demand half the money” I said.
“No darling” said G as she started fondling my breasts, “ I had promised her that you shall forfeit all your inheritance before our marriage. A promise is a promise.”
“But she is a wicked soul” I protested. “I know sweetie pie” G winked at me “but I am indebted to her. Had she not been so wicked, you would not have been lying naked in my bed today.”
As I tried to cover my face with my hands in shame, the conversation ended with a deep kiss on my lips and gave me a food for thought. G had just refused a sum of 1 million dollars to keep her promise. Her honor in my eyes has increased many folds even though I am not at all happy with her decision.

I must remember that now I am the property of my wife and actually she is the owner of that piece of land with the right to do whatever she wants.

Friday, 13 March 2015


It shall be an understatement to say that my wife and her father had a difference of opinion when he visited us this time. They were virtually at loggerheads. Fortunately I was not a party of their arguments but things were tense last week.

Unlke his previous visit, my father in law was very soft and gentle towards me. He even brought a gift for me – paijebs (a pair of anklets that make a musical sound when the person wearing them takes a step). I was very grateful and donned the anklets that very day.

The bone of contention between him and G was the issue of kids. He wanted G to extend her family by having a baby. “you are now 33. More over you shall not have any problem in raising the child as you have a househusband who shall take care of the child from day 1”, he said. G somehow did not like the idea and told him something to the effect of not to meddle in her private affairs. He shouted “ I am your father and its my duty to correct you when you are doing something wrong. Will you plan a baby when you are 50 or this househusband of yours is impotent”.

All this conversation was taking place in living room as G and her father were sitting on easy chairs and I was sitting on the floor, pressing the legs of G. She suddenly pushed me away by her legs and asked me curtly to go to the other room. As I left the room and closed the door, she shouted back,”You have no right to insult him like this. He dons a woman’s clothing and serves me like this out of his love and care for me otherwise he is as potent as any man in this world. I don’t want to discuss this subject any more with you”. She stormed out of the house.

G’s father came to our room as I was dabbing my tears with a hanky. He apologized for his remark and asked me to talk to her regarding a child. I told him” You know your daughter well papaji. She will do as she pleases and I don’t have a say in any matter.” He left for his native place next morning. As he was leaving and I bent down to touch his feet, he blessed me by saying “Be a father soon”.

Wiser from my previous experience, I was waiting for G in nude as she returned after seeing off her father. Last time, when her father had stayed for a week and she could not make love to me during that period since our flat is very small, she had torn off my clothes and virtually raped me, when she had come back after seeing him off.

 People may consider it erotic but actually it is very difficult to wait for your wife, wearing only your anklets and bangles and simultaneously keep your cock erect, knowing fully well that if your cock is not fully erect when she comes back, she shall don a strapon didlo and push it into your rectum.

Fortunately, this time, I was able to satisfy her with my erect cock and after she had climaxed twice with a fair amount of biting and pinching, she asked me to bring her a cup of tea. Normally, I wear a bra and panty when I bring her the morning tea but that day, my breasts had become so sensitive due to her bites that could not wear a bra and brought her the tea in nude. She gleefully accepted the teacup, asked me once again to lie down on my back and again put my semi erect cock in her vagina. This time, she was giving me a push with every sip of tea and I was afraid that the hot tea might spill on my face but fortunately, the tea finished before she increased the pace and we climaxed simultaneously in a bliss.

That day being a public holiday due the festival of Holi, G did not have to go to office. She does not play holi as she is allergic to colors. As I got busy in the kitchen preparing sweet Gujias for her, she completed her pending jobs on her laptop. In the afternoon, as I was giving her a massage, I decided to open the subject. “Papaji was actually right you know? If we have to have kids, this is the right time”. G did not answer for some time and I was fearful that she may get angry. However, she pulled me into her arms and said “I know that the timing is right but have you ever thought that when the child grows up after 4 or 5 years, he is going to ask as to why his father does not go to the office and remains indoor wearing women’s clothing. When he goes to the school, he shall have hundreds of questions to ask and we shall not have a single answer to his or her queries. Let the society open up a little more and then we shall plan it”.

I snuggled in to her arms knowing fully well now that as always, she was absolutely correct.